Frequently Asked Tax Questions

How do I license my business in Greenwood Village?

All businesses with employees working in the village must obtain an Occupational Privilege Tax License. The tax consists of two portions: the employee portion and the employer portion. Both portions are $2 per month ($4 combined), and both apply when employee earns $250 or more in a calendar month. The employer is responsible for reporting and remitting both portions of the tax. Owners, partners, and officers who are not paid a salary or commission are subject to only the employer portion of the tax. A one-time application fee of $10 is required at the time of licensing.

If your firm conducts sales of tangible personal property at retail, a Sales / Use Tax License will also be needed. The 3% municipal tax must be charged, collected, and remitted directly to the Village for sales that take place in our city. Sales tax applies to items your firm may sell at retail, lease, or rent. Services such as telephone and lodging are also subject to the Village's sales tax. Items delivered outside the Village should not have Greenwood Village sales tax applied. If delivering to another city, that city should be contacted for their sales tax requirements.

How do I avoid paying the incorrect sales tax?

Village businesses and residents often pay a higher, incorrect sales tax. Many vendors do not realize they are making deliveries into Greenwood Village because of the Englewood name, which typically appears in Greenwood Village mailing addresses. As a result, the higher Englewood rate (7.75 % Englewood, State, County, RTD, CD) is often charged. Deliveries into Greenwood Village should have a total of 7.25% sales tax applied.
If the incorrect sales tax is being charged:
  • Inform your suppliers that your company in located in Greenwood Village
  • Use the Greenwood Village name in your mailing address
  • Do not remit the incorrect municipal portion of the sales tax to your vendor, but instead remit the 3% use tax directly to the City of Greenwood Village

How do I find out if an address is located in Greenwood Village?

The Street Boundary Guide is the best tool to use when determining if a specific address is located in Greenwood Village. The Street Boundary Guide is provided when a company licenses for sales tax with Greenwood Village. Updated versions are periodically mailed to our licensed businesses. A current copy may be obtained by visiting our website Street Boundary Guide. You may also request a copy or confirm a specific address by calling our taxpayer assistance line at 303-486-8299.

How do I file a tax return when zero dollars are due?

Tax returns must be filed with the Village even when no taxes are due. You may mail the completed tax coupon or you are also welcome to fax tax returns indicating a zero balance due. Please fax the front and back of the completed return to 303-486-5757.

How can I prepare for an audit with the village?

Village auditors review financial records of businesses to confirm compliance with the Village's various tax laws. A business may be audited whether or not they are licensed with the Village. In the event your business is selected for audit, you will receive written notification which describes the records to be reviewed. If the scheduled audit time cannot be accommodated, you should contact the auditor immediately. Audits are designed to verify that appropriate taxes have been paid. Audits are also intended to help the taxpayer understand the Village's tax laws. If your business is ever audited and you have questions, concerns, or feel you that were not given an adequate explanation of audit results, please call our Revenue Manager, Carol Storey, at 303-486-8291.

How do I request my business be spotlighted in the Village's newsletter?

All licensed Greenwood Village businesses are eligible to be featured in the Village Newsletter. Businesses interested in this opportunity should submit a request to the village. Spotlighted businesses are selected by random drawing. Businesses not selected will remain eligible for 6 months from the time the Village receives their request. If your business is chosen, you will be contacted by a member of Taxpayer Services to schedule an interview. If you would like your business included in the drawing, please contact Taxpayer Services at 303-486-8299.

How is use tax remitted to the Village?

Virtually every business will have a use tax liability. When a retail vendor sells tangible personal property and collects sales tax, that retail vendor remits the sales tax directly to the Village. If a retail vendor fails to collect and remit the correct sales tax, the purchaser may owe a use tax to the Village. In essence, use tax is a complement to our municipal sales tax.

Use tax eliminates any sales tax advantage that out-of-village retailers may have. This not only protects local businesses but also benefits the community by ensuring that tax dollars remain within the Village. Your firm may find it helpful to obtain our Sales / Use Tax License. Licensing will ensure that your firm receives tax coupons to assist you in remitting the use tax.

How do I license a vending machine?

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How do I obtain a Residential Solicitation Permit?

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