Sales Tax

Every vendor that is engaged in business of selling items at retail in the City of Greenwood Village is required to obtain a Sales Tax License and collect the 3% municipal sales tax. A one-time license application fee of $10 is required and annual renewal is not necessary. Sales tax applies to items sold, leased, and rented in the Village. This sales tax also applies to items delivered into the Village. Services such as telephone service and lodging are also subject to the Village’s sales tax. 

Sales Tax Rate

LocationTax Rate
City of Greenwood Village3.00%
State of Colorado2.90%
Arapahoe County0.25%
Regional Transportation District (RTD)1.00%
Cultural District (CD)0.10%

How to Remit

The 3% Greenwood Village sales tax must be remitted directly to the Village. All other sales tax listed are to be remitted to the state of Colorado. Licensed businesses are required to file a sales tax return for period(s) in which no sales occurred. Please indicate a zero balance is due and remit your return by the due date.  

Online Tax Payment Portal - Xpress Bill Pay

Delivery of Items and Greenwood Village Address Locator Guide

Items delivered outside of Greenwood Village should not have Greenwood Village sales tax applied. If delivering into another city, that city should be contacted for their sales tax requirements as well as the state of Colorado. If you are unsure an address is located in the village, it can be verified on the Street Boundary Guide which lists all addresses within the city limits. Businesses licensed with the Village also receive this guide with their Greenwood Village sales / use tax license. 

Exempt Sales

Exempt sales require proper documentation in case of an audit.

  • Automobiles registered to a Greenwood Village address
  • Food for home consumption (prepared food is taxable)
  • Gasoline
  • Cigarettes
  • Labor (when separately billed from materials)
  • Sales to exempt organizations
  • Items sold for resale

Use your Greenwood Village Address

Vendors sometimes do not realize they are making deliveries into Greenwood Village because Englewood is often used in a mailing address. As a result, the higher Englewood sales tax rate (7.75%) is often charged. Deliveries received at your Greenwood Village business should have a total of 7.25% sales tax applied. 

If you have been charged another jurisdiction's sales tax rate, here is what you need to do: 

  • Inform your suppliers that you are in Greenwood Village
  • Use the “Greenwood Village” name in your mailing address
  • Do not pay an incorrect sales tax. If a tax rate other than 7.25% appears on purchases delivered into Greenwood Village, inform your suppliers of the error.

Ownership, Name, or Address Changes

If your business has had a recent change of ownership, name, or address, please contact the Village’s Tax Staff at 303-486-8299. You are also welcome to notify us of any changes by fax at 303-486-5757 or email.

Special Event Registration

Vendors selling items at a special event in the City of Greenwood Village are required to collect and remit the 3% municipal sales tax. For a onetime special event, businesses must obtain a Special Event Registration in lieu of a sales tax license. There is no fee for the special event registration. Special events are sales at a temporary location such as; art and craft sales, auctions, church bazaars and sales of promotional items during a seminar. Sales tax is due the twentieth of the month following the month in which the special event began and should be reported on the Special Event Tax Return. If you have registered for a special event in the past and have an upcoming event please email our office to obtain your registration number or call 303-486-8299. 

Regular routine sales within the City of Greenwood Village require a Sales Tax License. Please contact a member of the Village’s tax staff if you have questions or need help with your registration. 

Vending Machine Sales

Greenwood Village does not collect sales tax on purchases from vending machines. However, the tax code requires that you obtain a license and pay an annual license fee for your machine(s).