Taxes & Fees

The City of Greenwood Village is a home-rule municipality that administers and collects its own taxes. The tax revenue received by the Village enables us to provide a community that is safe and pleasant. The services the Village provides are dependent on the tax revenue we receive. As members of our business community, your tax dollars assist us in achieving our goals. Creating a safe, attractive, clean, and easily traveled Village is crucial in attracting businesses and individuals to this area. This, in turn, serves to further stimulate our economy. A vibrant economy is critical to the quality of life of those who live and work in the Village.  

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Taxpayer Services

The staff members at Taxpayer Services would like to welcome you to our website. It is our continued goal to ensure our community receives the utmost in quality police protection, street maintenance, snow removal, and extensive parks and trails to name a few of the services provided by the village. 

Licensing Information

Information concerning the Village's tax and licensing requirements, as well as other areas of interest to your business, may be accessed by clicking on the subject title to the left. 

Personal Assistance 

A member of the Village’s tax staff is always available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm in person or by phone.

Contact Us via the Tax Help Line at 303-486-8299.

Tax Classes 

Taxpayer education classes are available free of charge. Please call 303-486-8299 to schedule a class. You are welcome to request tax-related classes to meet your firm’s specific needs.

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