Fiber Initiative

Greenwood Village Citywide Fiber-to-the-Premise Initiative

The City of Greenwood Village has been working to improve access to high-speed internet services for residents over the past several years. The City Council Infrastructure Committee completed a feasibility study to understand how best to bring fiber internet service to the community. The City issued a request for proposal in March 2023 to solicit responses from fiber internet providers. The sole respondent to the proposal was Ting, and was selected to move forward with construction to make fiber internet services available to all households and businesses in Greenwood Village over the next four years. To ensure service availability to all residents, the City will provide a maximum financial contribution of $5 million to Ting based on meeting identified construction milestones.

Ting Internet Service

The technology utilized by Ting will deliver up to 2 gigabit per second upload and download speeds simultaneously. Ting will build the network in three phases, beginning in Fall 2023, and construction is anticipated to be finalized in 2027. In addition to building a citywide network and making fiber internet service available to all residents, Ting will offer Greenwood Village residents a service price of $89 per month for five years following the completion of each phase of construction and indefinitely waive connection fees for all residents.

Ting Construction Schedule

The project, which will establish a citywide fiber internet network, will be built in three phases over the next four years: 

Map of Greenwood Village with construction phases for Ting

  • Phase 1 includes residential areas east of Yosemite Street, which will see construction begin Fall 2023. All addresses within this zone are scheduled to have service available by Summer 2025. 
  • Phase 2 includes residential areas west of Quebec Street, with construction anticipated to begin in Spring 2025. All addresses within this zone are scheduled to have service available by Summer 2026. 
  • Phase 3 includes the remaining central portion of the City, with construction anticipated to begin in Spring 2026. All addresses within this zone are scheduled to have service available by Summer 2027. 

Ting will send out multiple notices to residents in advance of construction beginning in their neighborhoods: 

  • 4-6 weeks out: Residents will receive a mailer with information about what they can expect during the construction process.  
  • 2-3 days out: Residents will receive a door hanger with even more information about what construction on your street will look like. 

Greenwood Village Ting Construction Updates

Ting maintains a dedicated Greenwood Village construction update page, which includes regular updates, an interactive address check and more information about how to pre-order Ting's service. If you have questions about construction, contact Ting's Construction Experience team at 1-855-801-5856 or fill out Ting's contact form.

For questions about the Greenwood Village fiber internet initiative, email or call 303-708-6100.