Organization Profile

Expectations & Guiding Principles

The Greenwood Village city government is an outcome based organization with a strong customer service focus. The purpose of the organization is to make a difference and provide a high quality of life for the residents of the Village. During everyday operations, we strive to provide safe living and working environments, maintain beautifully built and natural settings, offer recreational and leisure time activities, and work to assure convenient access to people, places, and information, while enhancing and developing relationships with our customers.

Guiding principles provide the basis for employee behavior and decision making that result in high quality customer service and extraordinary organizational outcomes. These guiding principles include building relationships with all internal and external customers in order to make a difference in the lives of others; focusing all efforts on activities that directly contribute to the achievement of clearly defined outcomes; and committing to non-stop change with the intent to make things better.

Additional values are fostered in the organization and further drive the way we conduct business. Village staff is encouraged to bring innovation and creativity to their jobs. Continuous idea generation, experimentation and implementation help to improve efficiency and get to better results. Creating an environment where employees feel empowered promotes positive dialogue and increased individual contributions throughout the organization. Employee empowerment cultivates an environment of leaders rather than an environment of managers and followers.

Quality of Life Priorities

Our goal is to sustain or enhance the quality of life in Greenwood Village. We have identified our community values and/or outcomes that define quality of life for Greenwood Village and serve as the foundation for the operational perspective of the Village government organization. Our operational perspective emphasizes the following quality of life priorities for Greenwood Village for the future planning and management of our village:
  • We will provide a safe community.
  • We will be environmentally responsible.
  • We will provide an aesthetically attractive community.
  • We will provide a community in which residents and families enjoy living, and this includes providing and facilitating access to excellent recreational, cultural, and social opportunities.
  • We will provide a well planned and relatively easily traveled community where it is convenient for all multi modal users.
  • We will work with and strive to foster interrelationships among citizens and various organizations within the community and the region to ensure their impact on the quality of life of Greenwood Village is maintained consistent with the goals of the village.