Mosquito Control

The Village has been proactive in its efforts to minimize the impacts of West Nile Virus (WNV). The Village works with Tri-County Health Department and the West Nile Arapahoe County Task Force regarding the best practices to control the mosquito population to assure the safety of the community.

The Village contracts with various companies to test mosquitoes and treat various mosquito sites throughout the Village on an annual basis. Currently, Vector Disease Control International conducts these tests and treatments. Adult mosquito populations and sites are monitored weekly from May through September, using the collected adult mosquito data to help local officials determine potential areas of concern for treatment and public awareness and safety. The adult surveillance data collected suggests that the mosquito populations in the area remain significantly lower than many other Denver-metro areas.

Greenwood Village’s intensive larval control program, combined with education and personal protection measures taken by residents, has helped further reduce the mosquito populations and WNV levels throughout the Village.

For information about mosquitoes or to report a problem, contact Daniel Kissinger, Parks Supervisor, 303-708-6156.

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