Traffic Complaints

The Denver metropolitan area is home to approximately two million people who bring new challenges to traffic safety, education, and enforcement. Traffic is a major concern for many citizens, not only on the main thoroughfares but also in their neighborhoods. Citizens may get involved in traffic resolutions by calling 9-1-1 and advising our staff about specific violators or hazardous situations. These complaints will then be aired to officers who will increase visibility and enforcement efforts following the complaint.

Police officers meet on a regular basis with traffic engineering staff and the traffic coordination committee, which is comprised of staff members from the Police, Public Works, and Community Development Departments. This group evaluates roadway design, accident reports, and recommendations for traffic improvements made by citizens. For more information about how you can make suggestions for traffic improvement in your neighborhood, please contact the Public Works Department at 303-708-6100.

Send us a Traffic Tip or Complaint online.

For more information, please call 303-773-2525.