Conveyance (Elevator) Licensing Program

The Greenwood Village’s Conveyance Program consists of annual elevator inspections per the State’s safety checkpoints for each commercial-use elevator. In addition, a five-year witnessed, weighted safety test is performed, including additional safety checkpoints per the State’s requirements.

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Conveyance Inspections:

A 3rd party State certified city contractor performs Annual Inspections. Our contractor will contact you directly to perform the inspection and will send you an inspection report by email after completion. Should there be correction items noted on the report, please coordinate the repair with your elevator maintenance company.

Five-year Witnessed Safety Tests and inspections are the responsibility of the Property Owner/Manager to coordinate with their elevator service company and our elevator inspector. The date of the last five-year inspection is noted on the Certificate of Operation for your elevator.

Inspection Fees:

Annual Inspection fees: $235

Five-year Witnessed Safety Test fees: $255 for a hydraulic and $500 for a traction elevator

Additional Fees:

Re-inspection of a failed inspection: $175.00

Special, After Hour, Extra, and safety lockdown inspections: $150/per hour rate


You will receive an email for each elevator to your owned/managed building contact on record approximately 30 days before the Certificate of Operation for your elevator(s) expires. Should the five-year Witnessed Safety Test be required, you will receive an invoice for the year it is due to be performed.


All payments may be completed using our online access portal:

Certificates of Operation:

Once the inspection invoice has been paid, your Certificate of Operation will be sent to you. The Certificate of Operation will be issued and valid for one year from the date of issue (payment of fees).

Should any correction items be noted on the previously performed inspection report, a 90-day Temporary Certificate of Operation (TCO) will be issued. Once written notification is received that all correction items have been resolved, a new Certificate of Operation will be issued for the remainder of the year.

Without a Valid Certificate of Operation, the elevator is not considered compliant by the State and will be locked out of service.

To update your contact information, please send us an email to Be sure to reference the Ownership entity, property manager, and property address.