Conveyance (Elevator) Licensing Program

The Greenwood Village’s Conveyance Program oversees the annual inspection of commercial-use elevators according to the State's safety guidelines. This includes a mandatory five-year witnessed weighted safety test with additional safety checkpoints stipulated by the State's requirements.

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Category 5 (CAT5) Witness Testing

Witness testing is performed with a rated load and speed every five years from installation. The test is a requirement per Colorado State Law on a hydraulic elevator if the elevator is equipped with car safeties, a plunger gripper, a governor, an oil buffer, or an over-speed valve.

The Certificate of Operation Process:

Certificate of Operation Process for Conveyances

(Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, Oil & Public Safety - Conveyance Program, 01/01/2020. 7 CCR 1101-8)