Mayor & City Council

Councilmembers standing and sitting Greenwood Village is organized as a Council-Manager form of government. Residents who are registered voters elect the Mayor and City Council by popular election. The Mayor and City Council appoint a City Manager. The Council/Manager form of government combines the strong, political leadership of an elected Mayor and City Council to make policies and laws that will sustain or enhance the quality of life in Greenwood Village, with the managerial expertise of the City Manager to administer those policies and oversee the daily operations of the Village.

The Mayor

Independent of the City Council, the Mayor is elected at-large by all the districts of the Village for a four-year term and can not serve more than two terms. The Mayor does not vote on issues or items before the City Council (unless there is a tie vote) to be impartial and objective, giving him the ability to work on and negotiate issues that go before the City Council.


Eight members serve on the City Council and are elected by the residents in their districts, with two city council members representing each of the four districts. City Council members serve for two-year terms, and can serve up to four consecutive terms.


Residents of Greenwood Village can run for mayor and City Council if they have resided in the Village for at least one year, are a registered voter, and at least 18 years of age.

To serve as the mayor or as a City Council member requires a great deal of commitment and time. In order to direct policy on a wide range of issues such as safety, transportation, water quality, planning and zoning, etc., the Mayor and City Council must investigate and research current issues and citizen concerns through meetings with their constituents, business owners, the city manager, staff, and other affected entities. Most of elected officials’ time is spent doing research and investigation to prepare for City Council meetings to keep informed on issues affecting Greenwood Village.


As part of their work, the mayor and City Council are also responsible for appointing residents to serve on the various Village boards and commissions, attend events in the community, meet with other elected officials from surrounding communities, and participate on regional boards and statewide organizations to which they each are appointed by the Mayor to serve as City Council liaisons representing the Village.

The City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month. Study Sessions begin at 6:00 p.m. and Regular Meetings begin at 7 p.m. at City Hall.