City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office, also known as Information Management Services, is responsible for collecting, managing, and disseminating reliable information in a timely manner. Staff coordinates all of the Village’s general and special elections, administers all liquor licenses throughout the Village, and maintains all official records ensuring the accessibility of official Village documents. The City Clerk’s Office maintains and provides information related to City Council including agendas and minutes of all City Council meetings and all official actions to maintain the Village’s legislative history.


  • Preservation of City Records - All public record requests should be directed to this office.
  • Municipal Elections - The City Clerk conducts all municipal elections and is the designated elections official for the City of Greenwood Village and voter registration.
  • Liquor Licensing - The City Clerk licenses and regulates holders of liquor, special event liquor or beer permits, sexually oriented businesses, adult entertainment licenses and escort services.
  • Clerk of City Council - The City Clerk serves as the secretary to the City Council, prepares City Council agendas / e-packets and records the minutes for the City Council meetings.
  • Posting of all Legal Notices to the Village Website, as required.