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2019 Police Youth Academy

  1. Previously attended the youth academy*

  2. Shirt Size (Adult)*

  3. I hereby give my voluntary consent to Greenwood Village Police Department to conduct a formal background check to determine my elgibility for enrollment into the Citizens' Academy. I further understand my application may be rejected for any reason relating to any criminal charge(s) and/or incidents relating to serious traffic offenses.

  4. Please complete this application and upload a photocopy of your I.D. You may also bring in your application and a photocopy of your I.D. to: Greenwood Village Police Department, 6060 South Quebec Street, Greenwood Village.

  5. City of Greenwood Village occasionally uses photographs and videos of attendees in promotional, social media and education materials. By virtue of your attendance, you agree to usage of your likeness in such material.

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