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Special Event Permit

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  2. Welcome to the Special Events Permitting site.
    If you are only requesting a street use permit, please fill out the correct form and hit submit. If you need any combination of approvals (e.g. street permit, trail use, route and site plan, private business approval, special event liquor license, tax license, certificate of liability and/or tent approval) DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM until you have ***all the required documents***. We’re here to help! If you want to check a date, have questions please speak with staff prior to completing this form. Please contact, Cathy Delap, Recreation Manager for Parks, Trails and Recreation at 303-486-5766 or
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  6. Required Off-duty police officers may be required by Police Chief - separate fee may apply.
  7. *Surface Area Location (i.e. designated park area, parking lot, street) *Tent Set-up (i.e. registration, vendors, sales) *Restroom/Hand Washing Stations *Garbage (roll-offs only) *Parking *Event Route (walks, runs)
  8. Required
  9. Required
  10. Required
  11. Required
  12. Permit holders will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, for each permit held, evidencing the applicant carries a minimum of $1,000,000 Liability insurance, naming the City of Greenwood Village as an ADDITIONAL INSURED, for the period of time of the event. If the permit holder is unable to provide the Certificate of Insurance, the City of Greenwood Village may assist you in obtaining a policy in your name. Requirements may be waived depending on the size and type of event. Waiver is determined by the Risk Manager. Submit Certificate of Insurance to
  13. Notice
    All Municipal Codes apply. Municipal Code is available at A special event fee of $100.00 will be assessed after the application is approved.
  14. For questions or assistance, please call Cathy Delap, Recreation Manager at 303-486-5766.
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