Why is Greenwood Village moving forward with this project now?

The City of Greenwood Village has been working to improve access to high-speed internet services for residents over the past several years. The City Council Infrastructure Committee completed a feasibility study in 2022 to understand how best to bring fiber internet service to the community. The City issued a request for proposal in March 2023 to solicit responses from fiber internet providers. The sole respondent to the proposal was Ting, and Ting was selected to move forward with construction to make fiber internet services available to all households and businesses in Greenwood Village over the next four years. To ensure service availability to all residents, the City will provide a maximum financial contribution of $5 million to Ting based on meeting identified construction milestones. 

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1. What is the schedule for Greenwood Village’s Ting fiber project?
2. What communications can I expect from Ting?
3. What will construction look like in my neighborhood?
4. Where can I learn more about the service options?
5. Will Ting need to come in my house to install?
6. Why is Greenwood Village moving forward with this project now?
7. What is the City’s role in the project?
8. Who do I contact if there is an issue with construction or restoration?