What will construction look like in my neighborhood?

Ting construction typically lasts a couple of days in front of your home in the right-of-way, and they do everything they can to minimize impact. Ting outlines this process from start to finish on their Construction Process page. 

Here are some other examples of what you may see during construction: 

Ting Fiber Drill Rig

This is the boring machine Ting typically uses to bore the holes required for fiber installation. 

Ting Fiber Coil

If Ting needs to leave conduit above ground, they will stake around the hole and wrap fencing around the stakes. This may range from overnight to several days depending on weather conditions. Ting will make every effort to minimize the amount of time these are above ground. 

Ting Construction Hole

Construction crews may need to manually dig a hole in order to install a handhole box or to visibly locate existing utilities. Crews will contain the dirt, restore the area, and haul away any debris. 

Ting Handhole

Some residents may have these boxes installed which will allow fiber to be extended into houses if residents sign up for service. 

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