Right-of-Way Permits

ROWManaging construction activities that occur in the Village right-of-way (ROW) is paramount to assure that impacts to residents, businesses, and visitors are minimized while balancing the need for new, efficient, and reliable technology offered by service providers.

All construction work within the Village ROW, which may include streets and sidewalks, is closely monitored by the Village through a well-managed ROW permitting process which includes permit review, management, and inspection.

The process assures safety for the traveling public, minimizes delays, and maximizes efficient use of the public ROW. The permit process also protects the Village’s investment in the infrastructure as excavations and disturbance to the roadway and landscaped areas are to be restored to their high-quality condition.

Right-of-Way Permitting Portal

Greenwood Village has built a new online portal where right-of-way permittees can submit for new permits, check on the status of existing permits, and pay fees. Please make sure to read the Right-of-Way Portal Instructions before submitting a new permit application.