COVID-19 Outdoor Eating Areas Information for Restaurants and Bars

Outdoor eating areas are temporarily permitted on walkways and in parking lots to assist restaurants and bars with COVID-19 social distancing and occupancy requirements. Please review the following steps required to be granted permission for this action. Permit applications will be reviewed and responded to within a 24 hour period. There will be no permit fees charged.

STEP 1: Review this document describing outdoor eating guidelines
STEP 2: Fill out Outdoor Eating Area Permit Application with the required information and return to it Community Development

STEP 3: Fill out the South Metro Fire and Rescue Special Event Notification Form listed below in Applications. Please submit this directly to South Metro Fire and Rescue according to their instructions.

Should your restaurant and/or bar be requesting permission to serve liquor outside, please use document titled "Outdoor Eating Areas During COVID-19 plus Liquor"