Brushstrokes Online Exhibit


Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery painters are reuniting for their first show in several years, exploring their collective passion for the language of color in abstract, representational and mixed media works. The nationally-noted group includes Kelly Berger, John K. Harrell, Kit Hevron Mahoney, and Anita Mosher Solich.

Founded eighteen years ago, Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery was the foursome’s artistic home and was recognized as one of the best artist-owned galleries in the West. Established on Denver’s Old South Gaylord street, the venue moved to South Broadway and ultimately closed two years ago. Anita and Kit now paint in their home studios; John and Kelly share a studio at Prism Workspaces in Denver. The artists continue to collaborate and are delighted to re-group for this show.

Since the opening of this exhibit has been delayed, we present all of the work in an online gallery. We hope you will enjoy viewing the exhibit online until the Curtis Center for the Arts is able to open its doors again. We encourage you to support local artists by purchasing a piece of their work. If you are interested in any of the pieces you see here, please contact Chris Stevens at 303-708-6110 or

Bellagio (12x9)$1100

Fall Hike (72x48) $8500

Fall Hike    $8500

Barolo Country (16x20) $2200

Barolo Country

Chianti (10x8) $875

Chianti    $875

Bellagio (12x9) $1100

Bellagio     $1100

Fishing Boats (30x24) $3600

Fishing Boats, Riomaggiore   $3600

The Echo of Summer (60x48) $4500

The Echo of Summer $4500

Pancho (16x20) $2500

Pancho $2200

Strut (9x12) $1100 SOLD

Strut $1100

Beau (16x12) $1500

Beau $1500

Dolly (9x12) $1100

Dolly   $1100

John Harrell

Baby Baby (40x30) $4500

6642A Baby Baby 40 x 30

Lost in Splendor (36x48) $5500

6647A Lost in Splendor 36 x 48_edited-1

Jersey (36x36) $5000

6646A Jersey 36 x 36_edited-1

San Francisco (60x36) $7000

JKH San Francisco Magic 60 x 36

Summer Garden (40x30) $4500

6650A Summer Garden 40 x 30_edited-1

Style (36x36) $5,000

6649A  Style 36 x 36_edited-1

Business As Usual (36x36) $5000

6651A Business as Usual 36 x 36_edited-1

Red Sensations (30x24) $3000

6648A  Red Sensations 40 x 30_edited-1

Kelly Berger

Sittin Pretty (20x20) $1900


Porto Torno (16x20) $1300

5029 Porto-Torno-18x24

Village Vantage (48x36) $5200

5028 Village Vantage 48x36 (2)

Cafe Corner (40x60) $5900

5101 Cafe Corner 40x60

Bear With Me (20x16) $1300

5099 Bear With Me (Redeux)20x16

Ebony Relic (12x12) $725

5098 Ebony Relic 12x12

Tumble Down (48x36) $4800

5095 Tumble Down 36x48

Happiest (24x30) $2600

5094 Happiest 30x24

Beach Bikes Below (36x36) $3800

5093 Beach Bikes Below 36x36
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Kelly Berger Part 2

La Grange (48x36) $4800


Oh Say Can You See (24x36) $3500


Running Wild (36x36) $3800


Morning Light Cruiser (18x24) $1700 $1700

5046-Morning Light Cruiser-24x18

Tumble Down (48x36) $4800


Kit Hevron Mahoney

Enchanted (30x40)$4500

Mahoney- Enchanted Sunflowers 30x40

Spring's Eternal Renewal (24x30) $3500

Springs Eternal Renewal 24x30

Luscious (24x36) $3500

KM2979-Lucsious 24x36

Shape and Reality (24x24) $1200


Paris in the Rain (40x30) $4500


Garden Path (30x40) $4500


Chiles (6x6) $275


Last Light (16x24) $1800

KM930-Last-Light 16x24

Strolling Paris (7x5) $375


Fragment of Silence (12x8) $395

KMA3138 Fragment of Silence12x8