Message from the Mayor - April 27


Dear Residents and Businesses of Greenwood Village,

On Friday April 24, the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) extended Governor Polis’ “Stay at Home” order through May 8 for Arapahoe County which includes Greenwood Village.  The Tri-County Health’s Order includes staying home unless you have to go out for essentials or go to work, wear a mask when you leave your home, wash your hands, no social gatherings and be mindful of keeping the 6-foot distancing rule. We will be able to move into a phased reopening when Tri-County’s data shows that we have lowered the viruses spread.   

The Governor’s “Safer at Home Order” & Tri-County Health’s “Stay at Home Order” 
The two orders may cause a bit of confusion for residents and businesses so I want to help clarify how the orders impact Greenwood Village.  The Governor announced the State’s transition to the “Safer at Home Order”, beginning April 27.  TCHD has announced the extension of the “Stay at Home Order” through May 8 for Arapahoe County which includes Greenwood Village. 

In Greenwood Village we as residents and businesses are governed by the provisions of the TCHD’s “Stay at Home Order.”  

Here is the summary of this Order: 

  • Continue to Stay at Home through May 8
  • Non-Critical businesses can provide curbside pickup of goods starting April 27 and travel is allowed for these goods.  Visit our Website for TCHD guidance.   

The Governor’s “Safer at Home” order calls for a gradual reopening of businesses throughout the state. Again, the State’s Order does NOT apply to Greenwood Village.  In counties where this order applies, some businesses may open April 27, to offer curbside product delivery. Salons and other personal services may re-open May 1, with strict protocols. Restaurants, bars and venues will remain closed except for takeout and delivery.  Vulnerable and older populations must stay home and no group gatherings over 10 people. Critical businesses may remain open with strict precautions.  K-12 schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year.  Nightclubs, gyms, and spas will remain closed.  Starting May 4, offices may open with up to 50% of their staff, with social distancing required and telecommuting encouraged. 

So why did Tri-County Health Department extend the “Stay at Home” through May 8 if the Governor’s Order ends on April 27?

  • First, Arapahoe County continues to have among the highest rates of infections in Colorado.  This additional time will give us a chance to reduce the number of cases and increase our testing capacity.  
  • Second, businesses need time and guidelines to safely operate within the “Safer at Home” framework.   Given the Governor’s short time-frame, these safeguards may not have been in place.

Wear a Non-Medical Cloth Face Covering 
As part of the TCHD’s order, please remember to wear a non-medical cloth face covering while out in public or at your place of business working with other people or customers.  Scarves, ski buffs, and bandannas will work as face masks.  Don’t have a mask?  Ask around in your neighborhood as there are many people that are making masks in the community or you can make a mask from an old t-shirt and some rubber bands. Check out YouTube for some easy instructional videos on how to make your own mask at home.

Mask Contest for Kids
I have noticed several Village residents wearing their creative face coverings, including teenagers and children.  To recognize the creativity in our community, we are hosting a Kids Mask Contest.  All the details will be included in the May Newsletter.  We look forward to seeing all the artistic submissions.  Deadline to submit your photos by email is May 22.

“Go Greenwood To Go” & “Instagram Campaign”
I appreciate our residents’ commitment to support our local businesses and restaurants during this time. Many of them will need our help to survive until they can officially open their doors beyond curbside pickup or delivery.  To make it convenient for you, please visit our Greenwood Village Website for a list of restaurants that are offering delivery, pick up and curbside service.  

We recently launched the Go Greenwood to Go campaign on Instagram. If you are ordering take out or delivery from a Greenwood Village restaurant; or ordering items from a local business take a photo of what is on your plate or your exciting new purchase and tag us - #gogreenwoodtogo on Instagram. Show support for your favorite eateries and retailers and invite your friends and neighbors to join in the fun.

Rubber Duck Waddle Debuts on May 2  
Even though the Fishing Derby was canceled, the duck race will go on!   Families are invited to sign up for a duck online.  The Rubber Duck Waddle will air on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday, May 2 at 8:30 a.m. You can watch it with your family to see how your duck will perform! The top 10 ducks will receive a prize. 

Parks, Trails and Recreation Department (PTR) Offering Online Programs and Classes 
You may use this time to develop your art skills or use the internet to improve your sports skills.  The PTR Department is now offering online programming.  The Curtis Center for the Arts is offering live and pre-recorded art classes online from their roster of world-class instructors. Most classes are free and do not require registration.  Visit Greenwood Village Cultural Arts page and click on the Online Art Classes link.  Also, the Recreation staff is hosting Virtual Sports Challenges on Facebook, every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. Geared at children between the ages of 4-12 years of age, your children can practice drills for soccer, basketball, golf, and much more.  Visit the Village’s Facebook page. Participants can win prizes. 

City Website as a Great Resource
If you haven’t had a chance to visit the designated COVID-19 pages on the Village’s Website, I encourage you to do so.  Staff has done a great job of compiling the necessary information geared for residents and businesses.  The site is constantly being updated as new information is released.  I encourage you to make it one of your favorite bookmarks online, Greenwood Village COVID-19.

Access to Village Facilities Continues to be Limited to Employees Only
Access to City Hall, Maintenance Facility, and the Curtis Center for the Arts remain accessible to employees only.  We will continue to follow public health orders and look forward to once again allowing access.  Regular Village services will continue to be provided.  If you would like to contact a specific department, you can find a directory online or you may call 303-773-0252.  We are here to serve you; let us know what you need. 

Village Heroes
During these challenging times, there are many individuals and businesses who are lending a helping hand, whether they are donating protective personal equipment (PPE), lunches, and dinners. These donations of time, talent, and resources by these Village Heroes is the reason why our Nation and State will defeat this pandemic. 

We would like to recognize Village Heroes in our community who have contributed in any way, big or small, during this pandemic.  Please email the details of your Village Hero to Melissa Gallegos, Communications Officer. We’re all in this together!  

Please know the Village’s team and I keep you as our highest priority.  Should you need assistance from me, please feel free to email me.   

Stay healthy,


Mayor George Lantz