Message from the Mayor - April 10


April 10, 2020                               

Dear Residents and Businesses of Greenwood Village, 

As we continue this unprecedented journey surrounding COVID-19, I want to check in with you to see how you and your family are coping and provide an update on a few items that you may find helpful.  We all can attest that it is a strange time for everyone, with lots of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear.  But we CAN get through this TOGETHER by following all the precautions and doing our best to stay at home.  This is truly the one gift we can do for ourselves, our family, our neighbors, and our nation.  This pandemic will run its course and hopefully soon, we may resume our normal lives.

Governor Extends Stay-At-Home Order Until April 26
On Monday, April 6, the Governor extended the current Stay-At-Home Public Order from April 11 to April 26, unless further extended by the Governor.

The provisions of the Governor’s Order remain the same. Everyone in the State is required to stay at their place of residence, and only leave for essential activities such as grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup, or walking. Unless your business is deemed "essential," then you should make every effort to abide by this order and stay home. I know this is difficult, however, it is vital to reduce the spread of the virus. Please do your part.

Wear a Non-Medical Cloth Face Covering 
As part of the Governor’s request, please be reminded to wear a non-medical cloth face covering while out in public for necessary activities like grocery shopping and exercise.  Scarves, ski buffs, and bandanas will work as face masks. I have noticed several Village residents wearing their creative face coverings, including teenagers and children.  It is great to see the creativity in our community.

Village Prepared for Uncertain Economic Times
I am sure you are wondering about the economic vitality of Greenwood Village.  The City Council, staff and I are actively monitoring our local economy to ensure we remain on course to deliver essential services at existing levels.

Although no one knows the duration of this public health crisis, we are prepared to weather these uncertain economic times. Current and prior City Councils have and will continue to make the right decisions to preserve our financial strength. We have a healthy fund balance, a 25% operating reserve, no debt, and a diversified tax base which allow the Village the ability to continue to provide our current levels of service. We will be carefully monitoring employment levels and sales tax receipts in the months ahead. During uncertain financial times, the Village will take action to conserve spending as appropriate which may include the delay of capital projects and one-time department purchases. Although we are cautious, we remain optimistic about our local economy; due in large part to the performance of our business community.

I appreciate our residents’ commitment to support our local businesses and restaurants during this time. Many of them have created unique ways to support their customers and our community. Visit greenwoodvillage/foodandbeverage for a list of restaurants that are offering delivery, pickup and curbside service.

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Access to Village Facilities Continue to be Limited to Employees Only
City Hall, our Maintenance Facility and the Curtis Center for the Arts remain accessible to employees only. Services continue to be provided although the pandemic has impacted our ability to provide programming and events. If you would like to contact a specific department, you can find a directory online at or you may call 303-773-0252. We are here to serve you; let us know what you need.

Our Parks and Trails Are Open
As you can imagine, Village parks and trails are busier than usual right now.  Please make sure you and your family maintain a 6-foot separation from others using our parks and trails.  Also, with the increase in pedestrian traffic, there have been more negative interactions with dogs.  Please respect space and distance with other dog walkers at all times.  Using a leash that is no longer than six feet in length and not retractable will help.  Also please do not congregate in the parks and along the trails.  The Stay at Home Order allows us to get some exercise but mandates us to limit exposure to people outside of our household.

Fishing Derby Canceled  
The City Council and I have made the decision that it was in the best interest of the health and safety of the community to cancel our annual Fishing Derby and Rubber Duck Waddle scheduled for Saturday, May 2 at Tommy /Davis Park.  I know this is disappointing but your safety is our first priority.

City Website as a Great Resource 
If you haven’t had a chance to visit the designated COVID-19 pages on the Village’s Website, I encourage you to do so.  Staff has done a great job of compiling the necessary information geared for residents and businesses.  The site is constantly being updated as new information is released.  I encourage you to make it one of your favorite bookmarks online –

Don’t Forget to Complete Your 2020 Census
The United States Census only comes around every ten years, and when it does, it’s very important that each of our households participate (whether you rent or own).  Census data impacts amount of federal dollars that come to Greenwood Village and to our schools and our roads. It has never been easier to respond to the 2020 Census on your own, whether online, by phone, or by mail - all without having to meet a census taker.

While you are completing the Census, you may notice that your city is listed incorrectly.  For Example, I live in Greenwood Village, but it states Englewood.  Some mailing addresses do not show the correct city on your Census questionnaire, but be assured that your responses will be attributed to the correct municipality and county. The Census Bureau uses a geomapping process to attribute responses to local jurisdictions that are reviewed and verified by local officials. So even though the mailer uses the postal city used by USPS, your response to the 2020 Census will count in your jurisdiction.

Display Your American Flag - #GVUNITED
We are a Nation, State, and Village that has come together.  With pride, we ask every resident and business to display your American Flag outside your residence or business to thank the medical professionals and front-line workers who are risking their lives during this pandemic.  


We’re all in this together!   Should you need assistance from me, please feel free to email me at

Stay healthy,

SignatureMayor George Lantz