Wireless Communications Facilities on Village Property or Streets


This map shows locations of proposed and completed wireless communications facilities on city property or streets in Greenwood Village for which the Community Development Department has received a formal application. This map is updated regularly in an effort to provide current information.

Greenwood Village makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this map and assumes no responsibility or liability to any user. This map is not a legal document. It is intended to serve as a graphical representation only. The facility locations shown are approximate.



See additional information on wireless communications facilities and providers below the map.

Types of Wireless Facilities Shown on the Map

The map above contains all types of Wireless Communications Facilities that are located on Village property (real property owned by the Village) or Village streets (within the right-of-way). The two most common types of facilities are "Macro Cell" facilities and "Small Cell" facilities. Macro Cell facilities are typically taller, contain higher powered antennas, and serve a large geographic area. Small Cell facilities, which are experiencing rapid expansion in the Denver-Metro area, contain low-powered antennas that provide service to a smaller, targeted geographic area.

Where Will Small Cell Wireless Facilities be Located?

Generally, wireless companies install Small Cell wireless facilities in the public right-or-way on existing structures such as utility and light poles, or install new free-standing poles. Typically, it is not feasible for carriers to request a location on private property as this requires agreements with individual property owners and consistency with the intent and character of the established zoning for the neighborhood.

Can the City Say "No" to the Installation of Small Cell Wireless Facilities in Village Rights-of-Way?

Federal and State law prohibits municipalities from denying or preventing the installation of Small Cell infrastructure in the public right-of-way and requires treatment of the equipment in the same manner as other permitted infrastructure/utilities. However, Greenwood Village maintains authority to regulate Small Cell equipment based on design and appearance standards.

Does This Mean a Small Cell Facility Can be Placed Adjacent to My Property?

Yes, if there is adequate right-of-way and the Small Cell facility meets the Village Code and Small Cell Infrastructure Design Guidelines adopted by City Council. The Village anticipates that most interest will initially be focused in the commercial areas to address the demands of the networks; however, facilities may be placed in residential areas to improve service coverage and capacity, as deemed necessary by the wireless carrier companies. Greenwood Village Small Cell Infrastructure Design Guidelines

What is the Village's Role and Process with Small Cell Applications?

The Village's Community Development Department will review all new wireless communications applications in the public right-or-way in conjunction with the Greenwood Village Small Cell Design Guidelines, and Municipal Code, developed in accordance with Federal and State law. Federal law mandates the Village grant permits within established "shot clock" time frames which vary depending on the type of facility.

How Will I be Notified of Any Small Cell Applications in My Neighborhood?

All new applications for Small Cell wireless facilities will be reviewed and approved administratively, if the applications meet the Village Code and Small Cell Infrastructure Design Guidelines. However, when a new facility is proposed adjacent to a residential area, a courtesy notification will be provided to the adjacent properties with resources for obtaining additional information on the application. The notice may come from the Village or from the wireless carrier company directly, with contact information for questions on the specific facility proposed.

How do I obtain Information on a Specific Facility, or Contact the Wireless Carrier Company?

Contact information for each wireless carrier company with wireless facilities on (or proposed on) Village property or Village streets are shown below. If a wireless facility is proposed adjacent to your property, a courtesy notification will be provided with resources for obtaining additional information on the application. You can also contact the Community Development Department at 303-486-5783 or email with any questions on a specific facility.


Small Cell Information

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Small Cell Infrastructure and Health and Safety Concerns

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there is no conclusive evidence that cell phone towers pose any danger to public health. Unfortunately, state and local governments are prohibited by federal law from basing any telecommunication decisions on radio frequency emissions. The FCC has been given sole authority for regulating in this area. The most the Village can do is ask carriers to certify that they comply with FCC federal safety standards.

The Village is part of an organization (Colorado Communications Utility Alliance) that advocates updating safety standards for RF emissions. To date, the FCC has not come out with any regulations specific to 5G. To the extent that you would like to see greater local and/or state control over radio frequency emissions and/or urge the FCC to update its safety standards, we recommend you contact your Congressional representatives.

To learn more about public health in relation to radio frequency (RF) radiation, please visit the Federal Commission or Occupational Safety and Health Administration.