Victim Assistance Unit

It is the goal of the Victim Assistance Unit to work alongside crime victims with fairness, dignity and respect during a traumatic time, having experienced tragic events, or being a victim of certain crimes, as defined by the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) of 1984.

The unit comprised of our Victim Assistance Coordinator oversees and manages all components of our program, as well as six volunteers, who receive training in how to assist and provide guidance to victims of crimes.

The Victim Assistance Unit is responsible for:
  • Providing victims of their rights.
  • Provide victims and witnesses of crime with the support and aid necessary to mentally and physically adjust to their victimization.
  • Provide referral information and make outreach contact.
  • Being the liaison between the criminal justice system and the victim.
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The Greenwood Village Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services available to victims of crime and tragedy. The Victim Services Unit is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and provides direct services to victims, their families or designees. The Victim Services Section ensures that all reasonable efforts are made to inform victims of their rights, appropriate support services, information and advocacy. These services include but are not limited to, crisis intervention services, follow-up contact, criminal justice support and advocacy and referrals and information for assistance provided by other sources.

Services Provided
Community resources information and other information that will aid in the emotional and financial recover of the victim
Crisis Intervention and short term support Victim Rights Brochure
Educating the victim about restitution or civil remedies
Educating the victim about the criminal justice system
Helping to expedite the release of property after the case is settled and is not longer needed as evidence
Informed of all charges filed, case number and investigator assigned to the case
Informed of victim notification information
Informing the victim about what steps to be taken if the victim is subjected to intimidation or harassment
Treated with fairness, dignity and respect
the Colorado Office for Victims Programs or 303-239-5719.

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