Prairie Dogs

What to Do if You Have a Prairie Dog in You Window Well

New commercial and residential developments often displace prairie dogs, causing them to wander into areas that are inappropriate habitats. If a prairie dog gets into a window well it usually can be removed with little effort.
  • First, try to get the animal to leave on its own by propping a board in the window well to provide an avenue of escape.
  • If that is unsuccessful, lift the animal with fishing net or a shovel and release it. It will usually make its way back to the colony from which it came.
  • If a prairie dog appears sick, don't approach it or try to move it. Contact Animal Control or a pest control company to remove sick prairie dogs.
  • Cover window wells with steel grates or plastic covers to keep wildlife from becoming entrapped.
  • For the safety of pets and wildlife, keep pets away while the prairie dog is in the yard to avoid encounters.
  • Contact a pest control company to learn more about appropriate control measures.
  • Prairie dogs which appear frozen are usually scared. Simply push the prairie dog with a broom or pole and it will leave.