Living with Wildlife

To the surprise of many, Colorado's abundant wildlife can be found in cities. In most situations, people and wildlife can coexist. The key is to respect the wildness of wildlife. Many dangerous and potentially harmful encounters occur because people fail to leave the animals alone.

Wildlife Conditions in the Village

Greenwood Village is home to an abundance of wildlife such as waterfowl, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and rabbits. Even though we may not see any wildlife during the course of our day, many native wild animals live in the Village, doing most of their travel at night when the majority of us are at rest.

From season to season, the number of predators and prey will fluctuate due to the conditions of their habitat. Predators such as coyotes will stay in their designated territories only if there is enough food to sustain them. The size of a litter depends on the availability of food in their habitat. Coyotes will prey on foxes and other small animals. These animals typically remain in a given area until its natural resources such as water availability, shelter from predators, and supply of food have been depleted or until it has been eliminated by a predator.

Some neighborhoods in the Village have noticed increases in the rabbit population and decreases in fox sightings, while other neighborhoods have seen foxes in their yards, but no signs of rabbits. The numbers and types of wildlife in a given area is a result of the type of predator that may or may not be present. The presence of wildlife will vary each season as predators arrive and/or are eliminated by competing predators in the area.

Guidelines for Wildlife Encounters

Whether you are in the comfort of your own yard, walking along the High Line Canal Trail, or having lunch at a park, make sure to follow these guidelines as you admire wildlife right here in Greenwood Village.
  • Please do not feed wildlife.
  • Discourage others from feeding wildlife
  • Do not touch young wild animals. An animal that appears orphaned will often have its mother nearby.
  • Teach children not to feed, play with, or pet wild animals.
  • Secure trash containers to prevent wildlife access.
  • If you encounter an aggressive wild animal such as a coyote or raccoon, please call 9-1-1.
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