Contractor Licensing

Contractors who perform work in the Village that require a building permit must be licensed. The Village does not require subcontractors working under the supervision of a licensed contractor to be licensed.

A contractor's license shall entitle the holder thereof to engage in business as a contractor within the Village and to contract for the building, construction, alteration or repairing of any type or size of structure, regardless of the value thereof. A contractor shall assure that all subcontractors and individual tradesmen who perform trade tasks under his or her general or specific direction are included under his or her liability insurance policy or a separate liability insurance policy, and that workers' compensation insurance for all workers required to be so insured is in force throughout the duration of the project or job.

Obtaining a License

Contractors seeking to obtain a license with the Village must submit current certificates of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance naming the City of Greenwood Village as the certificate holder. No testing is required. All licenses are valid for one year from date of issuance.

License types, Requirements, and Fees:
Level A:  Commercial $300
Level B:  Residential $200
Level C:  Specialized $100  (Solar or satellite installations, swimming pools and tennis courts)
Level D:  Individual Trade  $50  (Roofing, framing, fences, retaining walls, sprinkler irrigation, landscaping, mechanical, signs, and single trades when not set forth for higher level licenses)
Level E:  Electrical/Plumbing - no fee

For NEW Contractors please submit a Contractors License application Contractor License Application either in person or by email. 

Once you are in the system, an online account may be set up for your business using the following instructions:

Step 1:  Request and Online Account

Step 2:  Verify Information and submit payment if applicable

Once an account for your business has been established, online functionality will include:

  • License renewals
  • Permit applications - Over the Counter (Currently BETA Testing Permits requiring Review)
  • Insurance and certification maintenance
  • Status updates
  • Fee payments