Doing Business

Business Life

People in a business parkInformation concerning the Village's tax and licensing requirements, as well as other areas of interest to your business, may be accessed by clicking on the subject title to the left. 

Greenwood Village is one of the state's most desired communities to conduct business. Located among two world-class business parks and set against graceful surroundings, the Village is home to a diverse business community that provides an atmosphere for new opportunities and endeavors for your business, customers, and workforce. 

Business Environment

In Greenwood Village, we recognize the value of our business community and work to see that businesses are successful and your visit is positive. From our high quality services and reputable customer service, we aim to enhance and maintain our business environment so you have convenient access to people, places, services, and information in order for your business to be successful. From small businesses to large corporations, entrepreneurs, customers, and employees have found the village a preferred destination to open a business, shop, or work.


With our centralized location, access to transportation, quality residential housing and labor force, demographics, village services, and a safe urban setting are all important factors that make the village an attractive business environment. Businesses who locate in the Village enjoy quality infrastructure such as our roadways. Along with that, businesses also enjoy opportunities for recreation and leisure time activities with nearby parks, shopping, dining, and beautiful landscaping in a low taxing environment that is appealing for the business owner or the customer. We invite you to join a number of neighborhood businesses working alongside Fortune 500 companies in a refreshing and innovative business community focused on economic vitality and success.

If you are a business owner considering relocation or expansion, an employee looking for work, or a customer with a business transaction, we hope you will visit Greenwood Village and see what we have to offer to make the perfect place for business.