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Water Saver Partnership

Conserve Water and Save Money on Your Water Bills

Water Saver PartnershipDenver Water and the City of Greenwood Village developed the Water Saver Partnership in 2014 as a result of a local Village resident's request for assistance in maintaining healthy landscapes in our arid climate. Through the partnership, the City of Greenwood Village and Denver Water collaborate on water conservation and efficiency initiatives for residents and businesses in Greenwood Village.

In 2015 the following highlights were accomplished:

  • Denver Water Conservation staff reached out to 70 Greenwood Village residents to offer water conservation assistance
  • Denver Water staff completed four water use consultations
  • 69 Gardens in A Box were sold to Greenwood Village residents
  • 73 commercial / multi-family customers received Water Budge Reports

In 2016 Greenwood Village is partnering once again with Denver as part of the Water Saver Partnership to educate residents on ways to save water and money on their water bills while maintaining the beauty found in Village neighborhoods.

Watering Rules

Outdoor watering rules are in effect from May 1 and last through
October 1.

  • Do not water between 10 AM and 6 PM
  • Water no more than three days per week
  • Do not allow water to pool in gutters, streets and alleys
  • Do not waste water by letting it spray on concrete and asphalt
  • Repair leaking sprinkler systems within 10 days
  • Do not irrigate while it is raining or during high winds
  • Us a hose nozzle with a shut-off valve when washing your car

Water Conservation Audits—Assessment of Your Irrigation System Efficiency

Do it yourself irrigation audit:

  • Check irrigation heads after mowing to be sure they are not damaged
  • Realign any heads that are spraying too high in the air, across pavement or into tall grass
  • Check for system leaks and repair them as soon as possible to avoid wasting water and damaging foundations or landscape features
  • Use the catch-can test to make sure your lawn is using only what it needs
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