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Qualified Third Party Code Review

The City of Greenwood Village permits Qualified Third Party Code Review. Projects may be eligible to receive the benefit of an outside code analysis in two ways:

Option 1:
The applicant may enter into contract with an approved code analysis company. Notice of such must be given to the building official prior to submittal of construction documents for permit.

Option 2:
The City may choose to use an outside code analysis company for the review of documents.

The reviews should include a code analysis of all building elements, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, structural elements and energy compliance of the project.

If the applicant chooses option one and if that analysis is found to be sufficient, the applicant may receive a reduction in plan review fees. This reduction will be granted after review and approval by the City of Greenwood Village Chief Building Official.

This third party code analysis does not include any planning, zoning or drainage analysis. Those functions will still be provided by the City of Greenwood Village during the normal review process.

Please refer to the Qualified Third Party Code Review handout for further information or to learn how to become an approved provider of code analysis for projects in the City of Greenwood Village.

If you cannot find an answer to a specific question, submit your question through the Ask a Building Official web form. The Chief Building Official will then research your question and get an answer back to you within one business day.