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Commercial Submittal Requirements
New Commercial Building / Addition Permit Submittal Requirements
The following materials are required with any application for a new commercial building or a building addition.

  • Completed building permit application
  • Valid Greenwood Village contractor's license
  • Two sets of plans - stamped and signed by a registered architect and engineer
  • Evidence of submittal to South Metro Fire Rescue for separate plan review
  • A separate Right-of-Way (ROW) permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department 303-708-6100 for any utility connections, curb cuts, or other work within the ROW. If construction is to take place on a state highway, an access, utility, or ROW permit will be required from CDOT
  • Properties within the Denver Technological Center or Greenwood Plaza South are required to submit a letter of approval from the DTC Architectural Control Committee 303-773-1700 prior to issuance of a building permit
  • Electrical work is permitted and inspected by the City of Greenwood Village, call 303-486-5783 for requirements

  • Site Plan, (two copies) stamped by a registered architect or engineer, showing the following information. Additional items may be required (see engineering below)
    • Property lines showing location of property corners
    • Footprint of all existing and proposed structures, including setbacks from property lines
    • Height calculations as demonstrated on "example building height calculation" graphic (see attached)
    • Existing and proposed contours at one foot intervals with USGS elevations noted
    • Adjacent streets (with names)
    • Drive aisles, parking areas, walkways, and plazas
    • Locations of fire hydrants and fire lanes
    • Trash and mechanical equipment enclosures and fences
    • Construction trailers, materials, portable toilets, site access, and fencing
    • North arrow
    • Lot size (area in acres and/or square feet)
  • Detailed drawings of screening measures for rooftop and ground mounted mechanical equipment and generators

  • Site Plan, stamped by a registered architect or engineer, showing the following information (two copies):
    • Easements, curb and gutter or ditch line, pavement, and adjacent storm sewers
    • Retaining walls with top and bottom of wall elevations noted. Walls in excess of 4 feet in height, including footing, require a design analysis with a cross section detail stamped by a registered architect or engineer
    • 100-year floodplain boundary (if applicable)
    • Delineate boundaries of any wetlands
    • All above ground detention facilities and utilities
    • Sump pump or foundation drain outfall
  • Temporary erosion control measures
  • Permanent detention/water quality design calculations and drawings. All new development must meet Drainage Criteria Manual requirements
  • Additional permits will be required for landscaping or irrigation systems if the work is not included in the building permit plans

  • Project manual and specifications (two stamped copies)
  • Construction plans which indicate all work to be performed (two copies). The plans should be drawn to scale and dimensioned with the following information:
    • Structural drawings - signed and stamped by an engineer registered in the State of Colorado (two copies)
      • Soils Report
      • Foundation Plan, including peripheral drain system
      • Framing - roof, floor, and walls
      • Structural details
      • Evidence that the design meets the following criteria:
        • Snow loads (30 lbs. per square foot)
        • Wind loads (100 mph - 3-second gust)
        • Wind exposure category (C)
        • Frost depth (36 inches)
        • Earthquake zone (B)   
    • Engineered drawings of prefabricated structural elements
    • Architectural - signed and stamped by an architect registered in the State of Colorado (two copies)
      • Cover Sheet - include building code analysis, square footage, and summaries of the following: allowable height and area, occupant load, required exiting, restroom fixture count, accessibility provisions
      • Floor Plans - indicate room use
      • Building elevations
      • Building or wall sections
      • Door and hardware schedule
      • Room finish schedule
      • Glazing schedule
      • Restroom elevations and detailed dimensions
      • Wall type legend including design approval numbers and details
      • Roof plan and drainage slopes
      • Stair and ramp sections including handrail and guardrail details
      • Shaft sections
      • Exit sign locations
      • Copy of core and shell architectural plans in PDF format on CD
    • Plumbing and Mechanical drawings: signed and stamped by a mechanical engineer registered in the State of Colorado (two copies)
      • HVAC plans, including locations of ducts, fans, and dampers
      • Mechanical equipment schedule
      • Plumbing fixture schedule
      • Piping Isometrics and plans for water, waste, venting, gas, and roof drainage
      • Mechanical room layout
      • Proposed interceptors, ejectors, or traps
    • Electrical Drawings: Signed and stamped by an electrical engineer         
      • Location of all devices, switches, outlets, lights, exit signs, etc.
      • One line drawings