Right-of-Way Permit Fees

Permit Rates for 2017

Management & Inspection Rates

Management fee - $58 / hour
Fee based on permit review by the Right of Way Coordinator and administrative management of the ROW Permit, including permit issuance, tracking, and acceptance minimum charge shall be two (2) hours.

Inspection fee - $51 / hour
The inspection fee shall be based on the number of working days and the estimated time per day required for inspection of the permit scope of work. The minimum inspection time shall be five (5) hours, based on one (1) hour for a field pre-construction meeting, one (1) hour of inspection per day during construction (with a minimum of three (3) days of duration), and one (1) hour for final acceptance inspection.

The management and inspection fee shall be calculated as follows:
Fee = (Management Fee x Permit Review Time) + (Inspection Fee x Hours Per Day x Working Days of Permit)

The minimum permit fee (excluding Occupancy and Blanket Permits) shall be:
($58 x 2 hours) + ($51 x 1 hour x 5 days) = $371

The minimum permit fee for Blanket / Occupancy Permits shall be:
($58 x 1 hour) + ($51 x 1 hour x 3 days) = $211

Restoration Rates

Pavement Restoration Rates (Based on 2015 Paving Contract Costs)

Asphalt Surface Restoration <50 sy: (2 inch mill and overlay) - $75.00 / sy

  • Minimum fee shall be $2,025 (20 feet by 12 feet min. area). This fee is applicable if the permittee elects to have the Village perform the final surface restoration.
Asphalt Surface Restoration >50 sy: (2 inch mill and overlay) - $17.25 / sy plus $3,000 mobilization and traffic control.

Seal Coat Restoration Rates
  • $4.00 / square yard plus $250 mobilization (Non-Residential)
  • $4.00 / square yard plus $50 mobilization (Residential)
Manhole adjustment - $150.00 each only detail mill

Valve Adjustment - $150.00 each only detail mill

Striping - (cross-walk, stop bar, symbols, skips etc.) $15.00 per square foot.

Note: The management and inspection rates are based on the average base salary of those positions for the current year plus 70% to cover benefits and indirect costs. Inspection fees outside of regular business hours (7am to 4pm Monday though Friday) shall be charged at 1.5 times the regular inspection rate with a daily two hour minimum. Restoration rates are based on the Village's prior year awarded Paving Contract Unit Cost for that work item plus 15% to cover inflation and contract administration.